Hi! I am Ashi!

My name is Ashi. Here is a little bit about my story. I am Persian originally, was born at 91 and living and working in different countries. Before I become a photographer, I was doing web designing. e-commerce, Portfolio .etc Then I realized that I need more. So I started photography in 2016. I like this job really and I want to be a very pro photographer soon. The first thing I did is finding a name for my job. “ZZZ Photography“! People are asking me why this? why not something ordinary and normal? The answer is I don’t like to be ordinary! I like to be different and I like ZOMBIE. So I decided to use something different and I found this. I think this is something creative and fun! I am not usually using my name for my works. I like to use a brand name and that is why people don’t know me so much. But I am here to tell you about myself more. I hope you like my work and many thanks to all of my fans, Specially my Mother for supporting me. And I hope I can do something very different in the near future. This is all I want. To be different and make a difference!